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Getting The Most Out Of Editor Sessions with Yvonne Mes

Writing conferences are important events on many a writer’s calendar. Editor assessments — a key highlight of writing conferences — often sell like hotcakes! Once you have your booking(s), how do you get the most out of your meeting with the editor or agent?

During our May 2021 meeting, Write Links members were treated to some excellent tips from Yvonne Mes — Write Links coordinator and children’s author and illustrator — in her Getting the Most Out of Editor Sessions presentation.

Topics Yvonne covered were:
• Your expectations – are they realistic?
• Knowing if you are ready to book a session.
• How to submit and what to include in your bio.
• Research the publisher before booking.
• During the assessment –
– How to dress
– What to ask the editor
– How to be professional
• What not to do!
• The elevator pitch.
• The follow up.

After the comprehensive and informative presentation, Yvonne scouted tips from members’ experiences with editor sessions. The insight gained from sharing was valuable and instructive.
You can watch the recording here.


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