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A GOOD STORY SHOULD DO GOOD an interview with Jacqui Halpin


​Our very own Write Linker, Jacqui Halpin, has just released her second picture book, ‘Where’s Lucky?’ with Little Pink Dog Books, illustrated by Sandra Severgnini. Lucy McGinley was delighted to interview Jacqui about her inspiration for the story.

How did you get involved with Our Haven Wildlife Shelter?
I saw a video someone shared on Facebook of Tony from Our Haven bottle-feeding about 10 joeys all at once in what looked like an ordinary suburban kitchen. I thought, there has to be a picture book here somewhere. So, I followed them on Facebook to learn more about them. Then I contacted my publishers at Little Pink Dog Books and asked if they would be interested in a story based on Our Haven Wildlife Shelter, and they said yes! So, I contacted Theresa from Our Haven and got the ball rolling.What came first the story idea or the desire to help the charity?
At first I just thought it would make a beautiful picture book, but as I discovered more about what Our Haven Wildlife Shelter actually did, and saw how hard they worked for the animals in their care, I realised it could be a lot more than just a lovely story. It could bring recognition for Our Haven and wildlife carers everywhere. I also wanted this book to be a way that children and adults could learn how to help care for our native animals. The final page has a list of tips on how the general public can help save our wildlife.
I’m blessed in that my publishers, Peter and Kathy Creamer from Little Pink Dog Books, are animal lovers and were happy to donate a percentage of the income from Where’s Lucky to Our Haven. Sandra and I both personally make donations to Our Haven as well.

Theresa reading ‘Where’s Lucky?’ to Lucky the orphaned swamp wallaby
Are all your stories about animals? 
Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of my picture books are.
In your last book, you gave a percentage to help retired racehorses. I sense a theme! Does a ‘cause’ motivate you to write?
Sometimes. I’m of the opinion that good stories should do good. So, if I’m writing a story and it can benefit a worthy cause in some way, I’m happy to do it.
Mostly, the stories find me and they don’t always have a good cause in mind but that doesn’t mean they can’t do good in other ways.
​​Jacqui’s passion for children’s literature started when reading bedtime stories to her children. They outgrew their childhood books but Jacqui never did. Jacqui writes junior fiction, picture books, and short stories (for adults and children). Her short stories appear in anthologies by Stringybark Publishing and Creative Kids Tales.
​Find out more about Jacqui and her books by following the links below.


  • Jocelyn Hawes
    December 4, 2019

    Great interview Jacqui and Lucy. Looking forward to getting a copy of Where’s Lucky? to read over Easter.

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