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What Our Members Say

Write Links was the inspiration behind my success as a children's author. With every step, they nurtured and supported me as an author, a speaker and a performer. Write Links provided professional inservice, motivational writing workshops, supportive critique groups, networking events, book reviews, inspiring festivals and unique opportunities. Thank you.

Karen Tyrrell

As a founding member of Write Links, I am deeply appreciative of the quality information shared about the many aspects of writing children’s books and the industry in general. The highly professional workshops; the interactions with successful authors and publishers; and the supportive connections and critiques with Write Link members gave me the confidence to self-publish a children’s picture book. I’ve also had a story published in a children’s anthology and I’ve pitched several other picture books to publishers. Write Links through the auspices of Book Links offers invaluable, financially accessible support to emerging children’s authors in Brisbane and surrounds.

Renee Hills

I’ve been a member of Write Links since its inception and during that time I’ve grown both as a writer and as an individual. They say it's never too late to learn and it’s true! Write Links provides a caring, enthusiastic and nurturing environment for all its members, young and old, where we can cheer one another’s successes and provide a listening ear for disappointments. It has a wonderful sense of community where we can create and learn together no matter what kind of writing we do, or what level we’re at. Not only have I learnt new skills by attending the various organised workshops, but also from the group meetings where we critique each other’s manuscripts and have round the table discussions. Hearing other members’ points of view has deepened and broadened my own. I’ve found the support and encouragement from being a Write Links member to be both motivating and invaluable.

Leslee Anne Hewson

Write Links has been a wonderful, community that has helped me to grow as a writer from its inception. I have had the opportunity to network, share industry information and tips, flex my creative muscles through writing and illustrating exercises, learn from professional development, have my work critiqued in a supportive environment, be encouraged by fellow creatives and develop great friendships. The group has grown and now runs exciting children’s literature events and I’ve learned from industry professionals and speakers at workshops and conferences run by Write Links and had my work appraised by editors. I’ve had the opportunity to give back to Write Links by volunteering, being on the committee, running meetings, writing blog posts, reviewing children’s books and teaching workshops. This community has been essential in my career development and in the near future I will be having my first junior fiction novel traditionally published. I owe a great deal of thanks to this amazing group for helping me pursue my creative endeavours.

Rebecca Sheraton

Our link with Library for All has given many of Write Link’s authors a chance to be published for the first time. Library for all published three of my books in 2019. Kate's Kite and Look! Can you See? as picture books and The Happy Letter as a chapter book. Library for All reaches out to many third world nations. Recently they've formed a new partnership with Save the Children Australia.

Jocelyn Hawes

As a YA writer, Writelinks has played an integral part in refining and developing both my skills and confidence. With the professional development opportunities, constructive critique sessions and networking the group provides, each step of the creative process is supported and encouraged. It is fantastic to meet with like minded, creative individuals, and, since joining, I am blessed to have made many friends and allies in the industry.

Hayley M. Jackson

Before I went to Write Links, I was unsure how to progress my writing and break into the world of children’s literature. I started attending Write Links meetings in 2013. The professional development I received was fantastic. I realised that I had a lot to learn when I started to mix with other authors, and I did. Authors and illustrators were able to share their experiences. I began to attend more paid workshops with industry professionals. I joined a critique groups at Write Links and my stories started to take shape. Initially, I started in the picture book group and moved to junior fiction as my writing developed. Write Links has always been a welcoming and accepting place that I have loved going to and greatly benefited from.

Danielle Freeland

If it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to make a children's book. While writing and illustrating are necessarily solitary tasks, I also need the right people to discuss my projects with. Write Links is where I can always find people who understand the particularities of children's literature and are generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences. My time with the people in Write Links brings me greater clarity and insight into what I am trying to achieve with each project. They enable me to develop my writing and illustrating to a higher standard, creating books that will, hopefully, be loved by children and their grown-ups.

Justine Lawson

Through Write Links I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in monthly meetings and attend numerous workshops and conferences. It is through these opportunities that I have: met other authors, illustrators and publishers; learnt more about the craft of writing; been guided as to which grants and awards to apply for; been given the opportunity to share my publishing news; received feedback from other creators through the critique groups; and more recently, had the opportunity to lead the picture book critique group. It has been wonderful that the Write Links meetings have continued, via Zoom during COVID 19. This has allowed children’s book creators the chance to keep connected and continue their creative journey.

Brooke Graham

I had been a member of Write Links for a year when I enrolled in my Bachelor of Early Childhood. I had been considering taking this step for a long time, but it was the confidence I gained through being an active Write Links member that made the difference. I’m looking forward to concentrating on my creative writing again as I will graduate this year.

Lucy McGinley

Write Links as part of Book Links brings together both fledgling and experienced writers for children and young adults into an environment of mutual support. Through the provision of workshops, talks, critique groups, networking and news sharing, as well as service to literacy opportunities they strive to do the best for their membership and to children's literacy and upliftments. During my time with Write Links, I have been able to meet some exceptional writers for children such as Karen Foxlee, Isobel Carmody and Jackie French. I had my kickstarter campaign, my poetry collection and my presentation at the QAGOMA of poetry, well supported by its members. I have also had my poems and short stories for children published. Book Links networks with other writing organisations on projects and collaborates with them to do the very best for children, youth and the creatives that they can. Recently they have adapted to the pandemic and deliver their programs to us through zoom and an ongoing facebook group that has long been there to support the members as well.

June Perkins

I completed a Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing in 2000 because I was passionate about becoming a children’s author. It was a comprehensive course and I learnt a lot. In the years that followed, I wrote picture book manuscripts and submitted them to various publishers with no luck. I entered short stories in competitions with minimal success. With no further direction or incentive, I languished in the void that so many children’s authors find themselves in. And I’m convinced that’s where I’d still be had it not been for Write Links. It wasn’t until I joined Write Links for their very first meeting back in 2013 that I found the support, encouragement and advice to actually achieve my goal. I’ve rarely missed a monthly meeting in that seven years because every meeting has so much value to me as a person and as a creator. I now have two traditionally published picture books, and stories published in The School Magazine. Write Links has been paramount in my success as a children’s author.

Jacqui Halpin

As a rather shy individual filled with doubts about my ability I found Write Links to be a very welcoming and supportive group. I have met and made friends with such creative and talented individuals. There is so much I have learnt about writing and illustrating children’s books. Every professional development presentation has been different and taught me something new. The critique sessions have been invaluable there is an incredible wealth of knowledge in this group. I have borrowed Kerry Argent’s travelling suitcase. What a thrill to discover her story boards, cover illustrations, dialogue with editors, even the paper and paints she uses and more. After each Write Links meeting I always come home feeling spurred on to do more.

Linda Murray

Write Links has been instrumental in my success as a Children’s Author. I have learned a great deal from the speakers, from all areas of the industry, and have enjoyed the writing activation exercises. The critique sessions are invaluable as the feedback on my manuscripts has helped make them submission ready. Since joining Write Links in 2017, I have had one book published and four more coming out during the next two years.

Wenda Shurety

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