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Blue Skies Ahead As We Go Into 2022, support, successes and improvements, dreams, wish-lists, and ongoing friendships were some of the themes that dominated our end-of-year December Write Links meeting.

We were delighted to be back in-person again at the State Library of Queensland. The vibe felt like the festive and playful mood of the last day of school, where the hard work has been done and what hasn’t been done doesn’t matter (until the report arrives). The teacher brings snacks (thanks Yvonne for the nibbles!) and holidays are on the horizon. We were chatty, ready to share our news and plan for 2022.



Write Links meeting, December 2021


Networking in session


Two treats from the networking session included a look at the following newly self-published picture books:

Born to Stand Out: A Story about a chameleon who finds his true colors by Nikki Rogers and The Precious Plum by Jennifer Horn. Nikki and Jennifer are both the authors and illustrators of these beautiful books, congratulations!

Nikki Rogers – Born to Stand Out


Jennifer Horn – The Precious Plum

There was more sharing of wins and challenges all round. Karen and Steve Tyrrell entertained us with the successes of their Song Bird series and recent book signing.

Karen (as Song Bird) & Steve (as a Rainforest Christmas Tree) signing their Song Bird series at the Little Gnome Bookshop Christmas party in Wynnum.


We continued with discussion of how Write Links is going and considered future possibilities. We listed our strengths and successes, and where we can improve. The revision of our structures during Covid has given us opportunities to meet in-person and online. This was a very positive session, and we can look forward to an exciting year with talks, PDs, skill-sharing, encouragement, growth and support. One of the key factors we agreed upon is the accessibility and benefits of the critique groups. Our picture book and YA authors took advantage of the in-person critique.

Our huge thanks went out to Yvonne Mes and Jenny Stubbs for their unwavering hard work and behind the scenes dedication to Write Links and Book Links. To all the other volunteers who assist with the critique groups, website and other organising, there was a lot of clapping, many thanks!


Yvonne during the planning session.


As an illustrator, I was thinking back on this last meeting of the year, (in colour of course), and I was scratching through my resources for poems that allude to red and green, to celebrate the festive season and Christmas. While I found a few, including Andrew Marvell’s The Garden, 1681, William Blake’s The Ecchoing Green, 1789, and Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, 1960, I decided that Write Links is far to colourful to reduce to shades of red and green. In summary, our December 2021 meeting was more like 19th century poet Christina Rossetti’s children’s poem, Color.




-Christina Rossetti


What is pink? a rose is pink

By a fountain’s brink.

What is red? a poppy’s red

In its barley bed.

What is blue? the sky is blue

Where the clouds float thro’.

What is white? a swan is white

Sailing in the light.

What is yellow? pears are yellow,

Rich and ripe and mellow.

What is green? the grass is green,

With small flowers between.

What is violet? clouds are violet

In the summer twilight.

What is orange? Why, an orange,

Just an orange!

Source: The Golden Book of Poetry (1947)


by Fiona West

Photo credits – Karen Tyrrell  & pixabay

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