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September meeting – Pitch Practice


What to include?

Do you give away the ending?

Can you finish with a question?

How do you entice an agent or editor to request your manuscript?

Do you include comparison titles?

What is the word count for a pitch?

Does the thought of writing a pitch for your story fill your head with questions and confusion?


At our September meeting, Write Linkers split into groups and practiced their pitches in time for the StoryArts Brisbane (BSAB) Live 3 Minute Pitches session on 23 October (where you can pitch 3 times). Click here for more details on BSAB.


It was a great experience where those brave enough recited their pitches in front of the group and received valuable feedback to make their pitches better.


Zewlan Moor shared how to look up pitches on twitter – a great place to find short and catchy pitches to hook agents, editors and publishers.


The ‘Pitch It!  Competition run by is not only a great competition to enter with amazing prizes, but also has a couple of great articles on pitch writing.

Six Top Tips on How to Write Children’s Manuscript Pitches – That Editors Want to Read

Pitching Tips from the Experts in the Know


I’m sure our pitch practice session has helped all those getting ready for their live pitches at BSAB in October and those entering the Pitch It! competition.

Good luck!!


Sandhya Parappukkaran



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